The results are in: Homecoming Court announced

2020 Homecoming court announced during Friday’s advisory period

Lucy Anne Heine-Van Fossen, News Editor

The results for the 2020 Oak Park High School Homecoming Court have been announced. Although COVID-19 restricted most traditional homecoming events, such as the annual

Lilly Fuller wears a dress and tiara for Homecoming 2020. (Photo Courtesy of Chase Willet / Talon)

homecoming dance and the homecoming football game, OPHS’ Associated Student Body has taken advantage of new platforms to keep some of the activities afloat. 

“I thought it was an all around realistic and modern take on the homecoming showcase,” junior and ASB cabinet secretary Amaan Nabeel wrote to the Talon. “We took the digital realm to our advantage by creating digital Google Forms. We also produced and edited our own ASB Homecoming Showcase video with the help of [junior Social Media/Video Announcement Commissioner] Graham Ros.”

According to Nabeel, ASB has had difficulties in the past with getting participation for homecoming events. However, he believes that “having a new digital ASB mindset” led to the success of this year’s homecoming showcase.

“ASB still wants to get as much participation as possible, and as time passes we hope there will be,” Nabeel wrote.

2020 Homecoming princes and princesses include freshmen Trevor Brody and Mia McCabe, sophomores Ryan O’Leary and Nina Russillo and juniors Kai Aquino and Rachel Kang.

Chase Willet dresses up in a tuxedo for Homecoming 2020. (Photo Courtesy of Chase Willet / Talon)

Lastly, the nominees for the 2020 Senior Homecoming king and queen were: Hunter Keaster and Noa Sunshine, Chase Willet and Lilly Fuller and Alex Jones and Paige Gates.

As of Oct. 23, the winners for the 2020-2021 Homecoming king and queen positions were revealed to be  Chase Willet and Lilly Fuller on the announcements.

“Obviously it wasn’t as extravagant due to the pandemic but it was still really cool being acknowledged and putting on the fancy clothes,” Willet wrote to the Talon.

According to Willet, this is not the first time Fuller and himself were given the honor of being put on the homecoming court. They won Homecoming prince and princess their sophomore year.

“My favorite part was sharing this experience with Lilly because I feel it has brought us closer together,” Willet wrote.

Chase Willet and Lilly Fuller pose together in their uniforms to capture their homecoming victory. (Photo Courtesy of Chase Willet)