Club Spotlight: Project Education For All

Providing equal access to schooling for underprivileged communities


Project Education For All is an OPHS club made for the purpose of helping others through the power of knowledge. Club Presidents and seniors Ishya Cherukupalli and Sadhika Adicherla are passionate about the right to education and recognize how many people in the world are not fortunate enough to have that right. 

“Education is a fundamental right which every child should have,” Adicherla said. “Educated youth lead to an educated tomorrow.”

Both Adicherla and Cherukupalli recognized that education and schooling were crucial for the future of the children today and the future of our society. They help individuals around the world by raising awareness at OPHS. 

“We hope that however big or small our impact has been, it has raised awareness about this issue. It is our responsibility to do whatever we can to make the world a better place for even just one child,” said Cherukupalli. “We also provide volunteering opportunities to students.”

In order to actually help children in rural areas in furthering their education, the club partnered with two outside organizations.   

“We partnered with Ekal Vidhyalaya and Indic-ai. In funding for Ekal, we helped build Ekal schools for children in rural areas and for Indic-ai, to make education more accessible to those with disabilities,” said Cherukupalli. “We even interviewed the Ekal Youth Coordinator which is on our Instagram.”

Any students interested in volunteering can receive volunteer hours through Ekal. Reach out to the EFA club for more information.