Photostory: MCMS performs at OPUSD elementary schools

Medea Creek Middle School jazz band, advanced string orchestra and advanced choir performed a show for elementary school students. They visited the three elementary school in the district, Red Oak, Oak Hills and Brookside, on Feb. 9, 2023.

Jazz band consists of multiple instruments, including the guitar, drums, trumpets, saxophones and more. String orchestra contains sections such as the violins, cellos, violas and bass.

Band director Elayne Roesner conducted jazz band and string orchestra, while Elana Levine conducted the choir. A wide variety of pieces were performed, including “Drama for Your Mama,” “Avengers” and “Stitches.” These pieces were performed exceptionally well by the skilled students learning music at MCMS. Many students from choir and string orchestra got the opportunity to perform solos and showcase their personal talents. Roesner and Levine explained the different pieces of music, the instruments incoming sixth graders can choose to play, how to sign up, as well as any additional questions asked by the elementary students. Students also shared their positive experiences with the elementary students and explained what makes the music program so special to them.