Club Spotlight: International Thespian Society


ITS club president Savannah Hale runs a meeting. During these meetings, the group decides on various initiatives, including charity drives, that promote theater (Akshita Dondeti/Talon)

The International Thespian Society, which strives to honor students’ excellence in the fine arts and promote theater through charity events, philanthropy and outreach programs, has entered its second year at Oak Park High School.

To join the troupe at the school, individuals must be inducted, or invited, after they participate in a minimum of four school productions.

“Once you join, you are a life time member,” said senior and secretary Sophia Stermer.

The group started out this year with a total of 11 members and later inducted 16 for their September meeting. They expect to induct an additional 10 later in the year.

“Incoming ITS members were all really excited about getting their invitations,” said senior Kayden Delaney. “We wanted to expand our group as much as possible for the drama kids.”

Club meetings are run like a courtroom. To determine policies and events, the club uses a “majority rules” technique. If a member wants to make a new rule or event, he or she must first make a motion, or suggestion. Another member has to second the motion and the majority of the members must approve of it for it to pass.

“This method keeps [meetings] efficient,” said senior Rachel Perry. “We can do cool, friendly things outside of [the club], but if we have things we need to do, I feel like it is very effective.”

This year, ITS plans to participate in philanthropic events that offer theater students the opportunity to give back to the community and raise awareness for the importance of theater and academics. Some events include a canned food drives, Relay for Life events and “break-a-leg” candies that audience members can purchase and gift to an actor or actress of their choice. These fundraisers help to raise money for the drama department.

“Anything we do does not just benefit us; we work to benefit the whole of community around us,” said senior and ITS club president Savannah Hale.

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