“Newbies” take stage

Newest members of ComedySportz team perform at first game Jan. 22


ComedySportz members perform in skits at the Newbie Game Jan. 22 (Akshita Dondeti/ Talon).

The ComedySportz team held its annual Newbie Game Friday, Jan. 22.

Students who would like to join the ComedySportz team audition annually; this year, the team selected 10 new members. These “newbies” trained throughout the year and watched current members perform at previous games. On Jan. 22, it was their turn.

“The newbies were all amazing, especially for their first time playing,” senior and team captain Liora Bregman said. “I’m very proud of them and can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds.”

Sophomore and team member Meghan Cleary was optimistic about the game.

“[The new members] are really talented and have been working so hard for this moment. I know we will have a great rest of the year,” Cleary said.

The newbies were all amazing, especially for their first time playing,”

— Liora Bregman

According to junior and team member Grace Orriss, the team played various games such as Dating Game, which involves “puns and characters,” and Oracle, a game in which team members have to “answer audience questions one word at a time.”

Orriss said she believes the Newbie Game was the best game of the year.

“I’m incredibly proud of every single newbie. I’ve seen them improve astronomically since we all first saw them at tryouts and every single player was hilarious,” Orriss said.

Junior Jack Wulf was one of the newbies.

“For the first time playing I was nervous right before I went on stage,” Wulf said. “But once I was on stage it was very fun. The audience was very loud and very encouraging which helped out a lot.”

The newest members are freshmen Josh Caltabiano, Danielle Gould, Cole Neville, Yuval Karoly and Jeremy Orriss, sophomore Itay Dvir, juniors Wulf and Tyler Boss and seniors Sarah Koep and Michelle Townsley.