265 more days, class of 2019

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Before you know it, it will be the end of your junior year, and your responsibilities (supposedly) will have disintegrated. Poof! Just like that, they’re gone! Now what?

Nobody prepared us for this part. Usually, it goes freshman year, sophomore year, junior year and then a blank slate. Who knows what I will do? Will I discover myself this year? Will I expand my consciousness? Will I encounter a transcendentalist mindset as I embark on this new journey into adulthood?

The sad reality is that I probably will do none of those things, at least not within the first semester of this school year. Believe it or not, school does continue when you are a senior. That means this year consists of the same old notes, essays and exams just like the rest of the Oak Park High School students.

Like every other senior right now, I am asking myself why I am still dedicated to the last year of school while I am simultaneously filling out the college applications which dictate my future and English study guides which have dictated my past. Of course, it is Oak Park tradition to keep a pristine transcript as you progress through your senior year. But a part of me keeps asking, “How much longer until I rent my cap and gown?”

Well, I have a very simple answer for that question. 265 days. 265 days until we throw our caps into the air. 265 more days until we receive our diplomas. 265 more days until we have our last day of Oak Park High School as the Class of 2019.

However, within the first semester of our senior year, the 265 days is the last thing on our minds.

So, I will be real with you all. Every single graduating class tells all of the underclassmen something along these lines: “Senior year is amazing!” or “Nobody does any work in their senior year!” or “We all become a family!” or “It is the best year of high school!” I am here to debunk that diabolical myth for you.

You do become a family. Senior year is amazing. It is probably the best year of high school, but none of that exempts you from actual work. Historically senior year is not known as the most rigorous, yet it is said to be the most enjoyable. However, the rigor does not stop right after you finish your last AP test in May of your junior year. Instead, while pushing through the difficulties of being an upperclassman, you also have to deal with the up and coming disease named Senioritis.

A feeling of procrastination as well as simply not wanting to do the work, Senioritis supposedly begins as soon as a senior receives their first college acceptance.

There are a couple more months until we fully succumb to Senioritis, so what happens between now and then? Academics? Applications? Stress? Of course. Not even a question. But most of all there will be a lot of reminiscing. Reminiscing of the past several years of our lives.

Whether that meant getting the title of “Master Cartographer” in World Geography or going to your very first rally or quite simply buying The Schultheis Pens and worshipping Herman Melville, these memories will be engraved in our minds for years to come. These past years have contributed a lot to the person that I am today, as I am sure they have for every other senior, as well.

So, here’s to the Class of 2019; may we never grow up and may we always stay looking for our next memory. Because it might be the last chance we get.

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