Club Spotlight: Ukulele Club

The Ukulele club members play with their instruments (Staff Photographer/Talon).

The Ukulele club members play with their instruments (Staff Photographer/Talon).

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The Ukulele Club recently introduced the ukulele to Oak Park High School. Senior Audrey Pham and juniors Rachel Pham and Lillian Ong started the club with hopes of sharing their love for the instrument.

“[The ukulele] is cute, really easy to learn, portable and versatile,” Ong said.

The club meets every other Thursday in Health teacher Eric Pryor’s room during lunch. Club leaders teach the instrument to other members during these meetings. By learning new songs and watching in-class demonstrations, members see it as an enjoyable learning experience.

“We would like everyone to have their own ukulele, but it’s not required,” said Secretary Kevin Ha, a junior.

Ong and Ha both highlighted the upcoming Los Angeles Ukulele Exposition as the next big trip for the club.

“The exposition in April is trying to break the world record for the largest ukulele ensemble, and it would be cool for the entire club to go,” Ha said.

The club also intends to participate in the school talent show.

Although the club has not yet reached many students, its members try to get more students interested because of the instrument’s potential.

“[We started the club] because everyone seemed like they wanted to learn how to play. Having another instrument under your belt is always a plus anyways,” Ong said. “My friends and I had the resources to teach anyone who wanted to learn, so I guess we did.”

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