Athlete of the Week: Delaney Dauchy and Clark Slajchert

Athlete of the Week : Delaney Dauchy
Athlete of the Week : Clark Slajchert

This week’s Athletes of the Week are sophomore Delaney Dauchy and junior Clark Slajchert. Dauchey’s love of dance has propelled her to pursue it on and off for seven years, while Slajchert has been playing basketball since he was “four or five years old.”

Dauchey works hard at dance, both in her practices and performances. She believes her determination “really pays off in the end.” She also feels that she has really pushed herself and worked on her technique recently.

She also offered up advice for those who strive to also become an Athlete of the Week.

“Motivate yourself and work hard at your sport, but only if you love it,” Dauchey wrote to the Talon.

Dauchey has danced at a variety of different studios since she has moved around a lot. Currently, she is not at one particular studio.

“My favorite parts of dance are being able to use it as a stress reliever and to release my emotions,” Dauchey wrote.

Slajchert believes he was chosen because there has been more of a scoring load on his shoulders, though he doesn’t view himself as being more important than any of the other players on the team.

“Recently I feel I’ve improved as a point guard, but we’ve still got a long way to go as a team and I’m looking forward to the journey with my brothers!” Slajchert wrote to the Talon.

Slajchert says that each person plays their own role to the team, and he is excited for the rest of the year.

“My advice [to those who want to be an Athlete of the Week] would be that the work you put into anything determines what you get out of it,” Slajchert wrote. “So when it comes to sports, anything can be accomplished if you put in the time.”