Athlete of the Week : Erin Dotson and Julia Diggs

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The Athletes of the Week for this week are seniors Erin Dotson and Julia Diggs.

Diggs plays for Oak Park High School girls’ softball team as the pitcher.

Julia Diggs

“[I think I’m athlete of the week because] I’ve had good games where I had multiple strikeouts recently,” Diggs said.

Diggs is proud of be Athlete of the Week, and enjoys playing softball with her team.

“I’m so honored to have gotten Athlete of the Week. I never thought I would have gotten it, so it was pretty cool that I did,” Diggs said. “It’s been a fun four years of playing softball. Varsity, we are all so bonded, it’s so great. And JV, we have a great connection, so it’s really fun.”

Dotson is the lacrosse varsity team captain.

Erin Dotson

“It’s a great honor, honestly, [to be athlete of the week]. Myself and the team have been working really hard to get where we need to be. We’ve been practicing since the beginning of school, and now to put what we have been working on to the test has been pretty amazing,” Dotson said.

Dotson has been on the lacrosse team for three years, and is very proud of their successes.

“I’ve been on this team since I moved here in sophomore year, and I was on a JV team back in Maryland,” Dotson said. “I think as a whole, our team did very well. And, with a few injuries, I had to step up my game and be more of a leader and use my captain instincts to really motivate the girls.”