ComedySportz team performs monthly game

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The ComedySportz team played many audience-interactive games Mar. 22.

Two teams, red and blue, were neck and neck during the first half of the game, but during the second half, the blue team pulled ahead, beating the red team 38 to 23.

“I think both teams did great,” senior and team manager Jeremy Orriss said. “I thought it was a very good show. We had an enthusiastic crowd and everyone seemed to be really on their game tonight. All in all, everyone did a fantastic job.”

One of the games the two teams played was called “Radio.”

“Four people stand in a line and each of them are assigned a radio station. When they are selected [by the referee], they have to say what would be on that radio station,” junior and assistant team manager Johnny Neville said. “We switch between the stations over a period of time.”

The next game was a game is called “Dance Freeze.”

“It’s a game at the end [of the show] where both teams go against each other,” Neville said. “Eight players dance around to music and when the music stops, a few of us are selected to start a scene in the positions we were in.”

An audience member, freshmen Ava Azarpay, commented on how much she enjoyed the game.

“This was my first ComedySportz show and I laughed way more than I thought I would,” freshmen Ava Azarpay said. “These people put a smile on my face. They had so much energy.”

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