Athletes of the Week: Courtney Collins and Michael Holcomb

The Athletes of the Week for Sept. 9 to Sept. 13 are seniors Courtney Collins and Michael Holcomb.

Collins, who has played volleyball for four years and is currently on the OPHS varsity team, feels that she was nominated in light of her positive attitude and leadership skills. 

Additionally, head coach Kendall Bilbruck explained that Collins performed well at the team’s game against Louisville High School.

“Courtney improved her passing percentage in just one game going from a 1.43 average to over a 2.1 passing average (over a two is a very good passer). She did this in a single match helping us improve our overall stats for the game,” Bilbruck wrote. 

Collins believes she has grown as an athlete in multiple areas, namely her advanced knowledge of the game and her consistent practice in her sport. 

She feels that an athlete “must be able to have a positive outlook for [their] team” and be up to putting in work even on bad days, and they must be able to work with others as a team and work for the overall good.

“It’s never too late to start volleyball as long as you’re able to fully commit and practice a ton!” Collins wrote to the Talon. “For current volleyball players, the biggest advice I can give is to step up and be a leader in your own way, whether it’s on the court or on the bench.”

Holcomb has played football for nine years total, with four of them being spent on the OPHS football team, in which he is currently on varsity. 

Head coach Casey Webb accredited Holcomb’s nomination to his performance recently – primarily, his 14 tackles and one “game-clinching” interception.

Holcomb believes that he has grown gradually over time through experience and has better learned how to play football.

“I think the biggest thing I’ve gotten out of [football] is leadership skills, because I think that when you’re playing as a team, especially when you’re one of the more experienced people on the team, you need to take charge and lead; you need to help your team do other things,” Holcomb said. 

He believes that teamwork is crucial to football, especially since, according to him, it is such a group-oriented and team-building sport. 

“Just keep working, keep practicing,” Holcomb said. “Things aren’t always going to go your way, but if you just keep working hard and practicing, then everything will turn out alright in the end.”