Letter from the Locker Room

Dear BirdCage,

This is Luka Sarac, one of the captains for the varsity football team. On behalf of the football program, I’d like to say that we are so thankful for all the support that the Eagles are showing us this season.

We are currently 4-0 and are working hard to elicit as much school spirit for football as you are all willing to give.

Nothing compares to looking up from the field and seeing our student section cheering us on while we’re playing under the lights.

I remember back in one of our first home games, I came out of the locker room expecting to play for myself and my team, per usual. I ended up being greeted by an entire student section and what looked like a million fans cheering us on. That night, it felt like I wasn’t just playing for the team that I loved, but our school and entire town of fans.

We all have the goal of making it to the CIF championships and we know we can’t do it without you all. So, birdcage, keep it up!

Bring your parents, friends, dogs, fish, and anyone you can gather to come out and support our football team.. It really means the world to us.

Thank you BirdCage and go Eagles!