Athlete of the Week: Simran Nadig

Freshman Simran Nadig member of the OPHS Girls’ Golf team, has been selected as Athlete of the Week, for the week of Oct. 28.

According to Coach Donn James, Nadig plays #2 on the team. She has played in every league match and following the first round of League Finals, she is poised to make first team All-League with her performance.

“I really do not know why I was chosen as Athlete of the Week, but if I was to guess, I think it was because I played consistently throughout the season and I was able to make it to CIF,” Nadig wrote to the Talon.

Nadig began playing golf in fourth grade, when her aunt recommended it because her older cousin played the sport as well.

She believes her strengths lie within, “the people around me who always support me in my highs and lows. My family, friends, and team always succeed in making me feel great.”

She wishes to improve on controlling her nerves during a game, and claims that to be her biggest weakness.

“I always gets really nervous when playing, but the people around me … always make me feel better,” Nadig wrote.

Her biggest area of growth in golf is her mental state.

“I have learned that everything counts and has to be done with the same effort as anything else,” Nadig wrote. “I have also learned how to manage my time better and know when to focus and when to just enjoy myself.”

Nadig’s advice is to not always agree with everyone around you.

“You have to make sure everything you do counts and have fun in whatever your doing,” Nadig wrote. “You have to enjoy your life and not let one little thing ruin something good. You have to move on. Peace out.”

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