Artist of the Week: Fiona McDonnell

Senior Fiona McDonnell stars in fall musical “Mamma Mia”

Senior Fiona McDonnell starred in the play Mamma Mia, playing the role of Donna. This was McDonnell’s first time acting in a school play and to prepare she put in countless hours of rehearsal, singing lessons, outfit changes, mic checks and so much more.

Some students even attended more than one showing of the play.

“The show was even better than I was expecting, I went twice!” said junior Taylor Marincic.

According to Fiona, she enjoyed every second of it.

“Even though it was a lot of work it all paid off at the end. The cast was outstanding and everyone got along, for the most part. Friday night was the night all my friends came and seeing them in the crowd made me so happy, even though I thought I was going to freak out when I saw them,” McDonell said.

This production was the first time McDonnell was able to collaborate with seniors Atmika Iyer and Junior Isa Rojaas as they are all in different choir classes.

“Working with them made me realize how amazing it was to work with such talented singers,” Iyer said.

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