EagleCorps: A high school romance

Leonie Humig/Host: Hello and welcome to EagleCorps, a podcast inspired by NPR’s story corps. I’m Leonie Humig and today we’re listening to Eddie Park and Duda Kreutz. People find each other in different ways. Their story begins with Duda Kreutz attending Oak Park High School as a foreign exchange student and participating in the production of “Mamma Mia” alongside Eddie Park.

Kreutz: So, what was the most awkward situation that happened with you in front of me that I don’t know of or that I didn’t notice or something like that?

Park: Okay, well, there was gossip. Okay, well, my best friends knew I liked you from the very start. Yeah, a lot of my friends knew and you didn’t and there was one time where my buddy Preston Green. We’re in drama rehearsal and it was a vocal rehearsal and we were singing the “Mamma Mia” songs and then you were on the opposite side and Preston, that little booger, he was like ‘Hey, I’m going to shout Duda’s name’ and I’m like ‘What, no, no, you can’t do that’ and he’s like ‘Nah, I’m going to do it,’ and I didn’t think he’d do it but he did it. He literally yelled your name five times.

Kreutz: Yeah, I was like why is he yelling.

Park: And you were like oh where is that coming from and you stood up and you go ‘Oh, it’s Preston’ and it was very awkward and I didn’t even know Preston at all 

Kreutz: That’s 100% true.

Park: Literally, I was about to strangle Preston 

Kreutz: I was like why is Preston saying my name so much like I was like ‘Hey Preston, do you have anything to tell me’ and he was like ‘No, I just wanted to say hi’ 

Park: Literally, if there is a situation, I can’t play cool, like I’m a good liar like you know I joke around all the time.

Kreutz: Yeah.

Park: And you believe something, you’re like really, but when it comes to hiding myself I’m obvious and it’s …

Kreutz: Okay, your turn.

Park: My turn? Well, are you ready for this one, this question, it’s not embarrassing at all 

Kreutz: Oh my god, there you go, okay, go. 

Park: So, we watch movies together.

Kreutz: Yes, no way, you cannot bring that up. 

Park: What was the last movie you cried to and why did you cry?

Kreutz: Well, the last movie I cried to was Jumanji two when we were in the movies and you were there with me and you already knew that

Park: Why did you cry in Jumanji two?

Kreutz: Because the guy stayed in the game and he was an old man.

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Our thanks go to NPR’s StoryCorps for the inspiration, to Tony Pelucci for help with the sound booth, and Eddie Park and Duda Kreutz for telling us their story.


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