EagleCorps: Learning to Share

Sam/Host: Hello, and welcome to EagleCorps, a weekly podcast produced by the Talon inspired by NPR’s StoryCorps. I’m Sam Barney-Gibbs, and today we’ll be talking with senior siblings Aubrey and Brennen Billig on their experiences as twins.
Brennen: Hello
Aubrey: Hi
Brennen: What’s your question Aubrey?
Aubrey: Um, I guess my question for you, as your twin, is do you actually like being a twin?
Brennen: No
Aubrey: Why?
Brennen: I don’t like being a twin because I don’t like sharing everything with you. Yeah I actually remember one time I asked my mom, ‘is there any way we could celebrate Aubrey’s birthday a day before our actual birthday, and then have my birthday the next day?’ And she was like no we can’t do that because you guys have the same birthday.
Do you think you’re going to miss me while you’re at college or are you going to enjoy not having me around?
Aubrey: Actually, which is going to be surprising, but I am going to miss you.
Brennen: Why?
Aubrey: Well because I know we disliked each other when we were younger, but like lately we have gotten really close, you know. If I go to Trader Joes and you want to come, if I go get food and you want to come, we do stuff together more so like it will be sad, but we’ll get closer and I’ll come visit.
Brennen: I feel like once we go our separate ways or like not go to college, because I know a lot of people don’t know this but as soon as Aubrey got into Boise, which is where she’s going, I stopped my application to Boise because I was not going to go to the same school as her. Because I just need a break from her, I don’t know about you but I feel like once I take a break from you I will be like ‘oh okay’ like I will appreciate you more and I will actually enjoy sharing a birthday with you or something special like that.
Aubrey: Yeah we definitely do need a break. It’s been like–it’s been 17 years, almost 18.
Brennen: Yeah
Aubrey: Do you remember the time when you made me go under the table because I am 2 minutes younger than you, so like I had to go under the table and wait 2 minutes to sing happy birthday to me?
Brennen: No I actually don’t remember that.
Aubrey: I remember it vividly. And maybe because I was the one going under the table.
Brennen: Well, good because I wanted to celebrate my birthday by myself… Did that really happen?
Aubrey: Yes it really happened!
Brennen: My b
Aubrey: You and Brad both like pushed me under the table.
Brennen: Well, I mean you are the younger sibling, so like back off a little.
Sam/Host: Thank you for listening to this week’s EagleCorps podcast, and stay tuned for more updates weekly. If you would like to be involved in a podcast, feel free to sign up for an interview session by clicking the link below. We’d like to thank NPR for being the inspiration of this podcast, as well as Tony Peluce and Aubrey and Brennen Billig.