What is going on in the swamp?

A graphic of Donald J. Trump, one of the three presidents who have faced impeachment.

Alex Goldbeck and Juliette Setudeh-Nejad

December 15, 2019

The Steps of the Impeachment Process Recently, the word “impeachment” has circled around the media. The official definition according to CBS news of “impeachment” is “the constitutional process where the … House of Representatives brings charges against a civil officer,” this time referring...

It’s always the season of giving

Aidan Scott, Art Director

December 15, 2019

As autumn turns to winter and the holiday season begins, people seem to volunteer much more than during the rest of the year. It is the season of giving, after all.  Helping one’s community can hold many positive effects. Giving back can help save lives, make people happier and reduce our carbon footprint to help our...

Bouquets and bigotry

This painting by Labkovski hangs in Medved's living room. It inspired her to write this story.

Shoshana Medved, Public Relations Manager

December 12, 2019

In the living room of my house hangs a painting of a beautiful bouquet. The canvas explodes with hues of periwinkle, merigold and fuschia. Emerald leaves sprout from soaring stems, and dozens more scatter across the ground. A glass vase glistens beneath the grove of flowers. I had never given it...

The common cold

Ethan Grinberg, Guest Writer

December 12, 2019

Most have felt it: a sore throat, cough, congestion.  These are all signs of the common cold, a silent but potent virus prevalent in many parts of the world throughout the year. As WebMD notes, there are more than 200 types of viruses that have the potential to cause the cold, it is virtually impos...

First responders during California wildfires

Leonie Humig, Senior Staff Writer

December 10, 2019

Some states have tornadoes. Others have cyclones. Sand storms. Typhoons. Tsunamis.  In California, we have wildfires. Last year, one day after the Borderline Bar & Grill shooting, the sky turned an eerie shade of orange. The air spread the smell of a burnt sort of something. But it was no...

No, It’s Not Weed

No, It’s Not Weed

Aidan Scott and Nick Harvey

December 10, 2019

CBD seems to be everywhere in the news recently, but does it deserve the attention? Positive or negative opinions aside, the product is a bit of a mystery in its infancy of public use. However, CBD manufacturers’ claim of positive impacts on health and industry potential has people wondering what it ca...

Vaping “epidemic” takes hold

Vaping “epidemic” takes hold

Bailey Andera and Brianna Szabo

November 1, 2019

As of 2018, more than 1 in 4 high school students and roughly 1 in 14 middle schoolers vape nationally, according to the Center for Disease Control.  A study conducted by the CDC displays last year’s record-setting-high statistic in youth use of e-cigarettes and other such devices. The issue has become increas...

A climate crisis, an international outcry

Oak Park High School joins the #FridaysforFuture movements with signs and chants at the end of their fourth period.

Atmika Iyer, Co editor-in-chief

October 28, 2019

The worst typhoon Japan has seen in 60 years — Typhoon Hagibis.  Power companies in California fearing fire during the Santa Ana winds — blackouts.  Hottest month for the world in over a century — July of 2019. Extreme temperatures. Melting icebergs. Species extinctions. What can we do? Accor...

Lights for Liberty face darkness

 Protestors against ICE raids in Camarillo holding up signs outside the US Customs Services.

Ellie Hand, Digital Media Manager

September 19, 2019

On July 12, hundreds of protesters joined together in Camarillo to march with Lights for Liberty. The organization is dedicated to human rights advocacy and its mission is to end human detention camps. This was a nationwide protest opposing migrant detention facilities and immigrant raids planned by ...

A shaky wake-up call

A shaky wake-up call

Alex Goldbeck and Blake Hanlon

September 19, 2019

The pool sloshed back and forth with waves bigger than a cannonball creates. For many Southern Califorinians, this was the only sign that an earthquake was taking place. “I saw the pool which looks cool whenever earthquakes happen and I knew an earthquake was happening,” senior Nathan Kriger said. On...

High school summer jobs: A thing of the past?

Bailey Andera and Brianna Szabo

September 19, 2019

From scooping ice cream to standing at a ticket booth, teenagers across the board can always manage to find a way to line their pockets in the summer heat. Each year, high school students find a variety of ways to spend their time over the course of the summer. Some choose to attend summer classes,...

The Chabad House of North Ranch

Oliver Carter

September 17, 2019

Chochmah, Binah and Da'at, meaning Wisdom, understanding and knowledge. A traditional Chabad is built on these beliefs.  Rabbi Shlomo Bistritzky opened The Chabad House of North Ranch four years ago in Westlake Village. “My responsibilities include running the services at the temple, being there for the families during life cycle events, such as birth, funerals etc.,”  Bistritzky w...

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