Olivia Deveau
Christmas day in 1997 in Boston, Massachusetts produced a major snowstorm, lots of city traffic, and… Olivia Deveau, although she’s ok with it if you prefer Liv. A die-hard Pats, Sox, and Bruins fan, Olivia grew up in Boston where she learned to “pahk the cah in Ha-vad yahd”, but moved out to California with her parents, where her accent blew away in the ocean breeze at Zuma, the only remnant being the occasional “gawt.” Olivia is an aspiring journalist-slash-screenwriter-slash-police officer. A pop culture enthusiast (and trivia freak), Olivia holds "SNL" and "The Office" close to her heart, as well as the Spielberg film, "Goonies," which she considers to be a cinematic masterpiece, along with "Pulp Fiction" and "Kill Bill." Olivia is an avid runner, and enjoys hiking and attempting to take pictures on her Nikon. Someday, Olivia hopes to travel to Africa, and tour Europe with her husband, Alec Baldwin (pushing him around in the wheelchair will be worth it… She thinks). Olivia considers her role models to be Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Mindy Kaling, and has the wildest of crushes on John Krasinski and Conan O’Brien, and plans on moving back to the east coast one day. Olivia was the 2015-16 print opinion editor.

Olivia Deveau, Print Opinion Editor

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