Music festival showcases middle, high school talent

Over 300 students come together in district-wide performance

May 12, 2017

Students from Oak Park High School and Medea Creek Middle School came together to participate in the second annual Oak Park Unified School District Music Festival at MCMS on Sunday, April 2. The event featured more than 300 student musicians in musical performances ranging from contemporary to classical.

Two stages featured different types of groups.  A lower, smaller amphitheater featured small groups as well as jazz bands. An upper, larger stage on the grass featured all the concert groups and large choir ensembles from both schools.

While the student musicians played, local businesses held booths advertising silent auctions and promotions for festival attendees. Food trucks also offered hot dogs, burritos and hamburgers near the event entrances.

“Unlike other school music events, we were not being judged but performing for fun,” Peter Ye, a junior from Oak Park High School, said.

Ye, the assistant jazz director for the high school’s jazz band, plays the band’s percussion piano.

“This is the only day where the entire music program in the district works together to perform for the community,” Ye said.

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