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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Lindsay Gould, Editor-in-Chief September 29, 2023

Hispanic Heritage Month officially commences on Sep. 15, consisting of the 30-day celebratory period where the contributions, histories and traditions of Hispanic cultures are nationally recognized. “I...

Eagle’s Football Match and Homecoming announcements and dance

Justine Picard, Caroline Bi, and Shayona Dravid September 29, 2023

Both events brought out a cheer and kept Eagles waiting for more. Though the football game on Friday Sept. 23 ended with a score of 6-46 with Moorpark taking the win, the Eagles persisted and persevered...

Korean skincare duels Western skincare for top spot

Asian skincare dominates the U.S. beauty market

Diya Johny, Business and Communications Manager September 28, 2023

Recently, Asian skincare brands have become more popular with Generation Z than other Western brands on the skincare side of TikTok. Influencers are highlighting how Asian skincare focuses more on the...

Congressional report exposes Temu’s dubious business practices

Congressional report exposes Temu’s dubious business practices

Sophia Mannino, Senior Staff Writer September 28, 2023

Have you ever gone into a clothing store and realized that the $60 you walked in with may only afford you one pair of jeans? How much more would it take to buy one outfit for the day, a week? This number...

Art is for Everybody exhibition at The Broad, Los Angeles

Rising Popularity of the late Keith Haring

Ella Broms, Staff Artist September 15, 2023

Late Keith Haring, an artist from the 80s, is having a major comeback. His designs are seen plastered upon clothing, backpacks and mugs worldwide. But who is Keith Haring, and why is he only gaining recognition...

Celebrating traditions: A preview of the upcoming Jewish holidays

Celebrating traditions: A preview of the upcoming Jewish holidays

Emily Gluskin, Opinion Editor September 15, 2023

As the leaves change color and autumn greets us again, 16 million Jews worldwide prepare to celebrate some of the most important holidays on the calendar. These holidays are deeply rooted in tradition...

The fight behind Labor Day never stopped

The fight behind Labor Day never stopped

Penelope Kladopoulos, Opinion Editor September 12, 2023

Last week, students and staff alike enjoyed the district’s first long weekend after a busy first three weeks of school. We take the extra day to catch up on shows, extra homework or to just relax. But...

Sleep habits of highly successful students at Oak Park High School

Sleep habits of highly successful students at Oak Park High School

David Ross, Senior Staff Writer September 12, 2023

Studies worldwide talk about the wonders of getting a good night’s sleep; however in interviews with various Oak Park High School students, a correlation was found that having less sleep is associated...

The different eyes of Zeus; how Zeus is depicted differently in many stories

How Oak Park can be associated with one of Greek Mythology’s most prominent gods

Justine Picard, Senior Staff Writer August 31, 2023

Simply from this community’s name, Oak Park is directly linked to one of the most praised and feared gods in Greek Mythology, Zeus.  In Greek mythology, Zeus, also referred to as Lord of the Sky, was...

Five ivory dice sit on a table.

Board Games are making a comeback. Here’s why.

Jackson Hill, Ombudsman August 25, 2023

Board games are typically seen as a childhood activity. Everyone remembers going bankrupt in Monopoly or arguing over words that may or may not be words in Scrabble. Others like Uno and Chess remain more...

A guided tour of Brown University during the summer, lead by a current student

Survival Guide: College Tours Edition

Sahana Sri, Online Director August 23, 2023

Between classes, extracurriculars, clubs and sports, many students involve themselves in their high schools with a specific goal: attending a good college after graduation. Underclassmen are often just...

Taylor Swift announces her newest album, “1989 Taylor’s Version” during the Era’s Tour in Los Angeles, August 9th, 2023

An “Enchanted” Eras’ Tour strengthens the U.S. and Global Economy

Bing Heine-Van Fossen, Managing Editor August 23, 2023

Taylor Swift has made her name well known from her impact within the entertainment field. But Swift may soon be known for something else, bringing the United States economy out of an impending recession. For...

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