Depiction of a person doing a

How to tree-pose your way to a good time in the age of the quarantine slump

Bailey Andera, Editor-in-Chief February 18, 2021

When I was younger, there were a lot of pastimes that I looked down upon and disregarded as a waste of time. I was quick to dismiss things as “too girly” or “too childish” or for a million other...

Wonder Woman, played in the film by Gal Gadot, pictured wearing a face mask.

A wonderful christmas gift from the 80s

Hayden Brown, Social Media Manager February 18, 2021

Wonder Woman is back and flying higher than ever. Patty Jenkins has returned with the sequel to her hit movie “Wonder Woman” for HBO Max’s first straight-to-streaming feature debut that now sets...

Donald Trump pictured below various social media platforms, some of which he was banned from.

No one, not even the president, should be allowed the platform to incite violence

Daisy Calderon, Photo Editor February 18, 2021

How does the president of the United States, a first world country, an international superpower, manage to get himself banned from virtually every known social media platform? By directly inciting violence,...

Demonstrators kneel during a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest.

Why we say “Black Lives Matter”

Mikaela Merilles, Guest Writer February 1, 2021

Peaking in the month of July 2020, cities throughout the world protested the brutal death of George Floyd and many other cases of police brutality, preaching that Black lives matter.  They are right. There...

Impeachment over the 25th Amendment

Allie Wang, Senior Staff Writer February 1, 2021

On Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, a group of Trump supporters and far-right extremists stormed the U.S. Capitol in order to disrupt the Electoral College vote count while Congress was in session. The rioters...

It’s crucial that in such trying times as these, we come together, hoist each other up off of the ground and take turns brushing the dirt from each other’s shoulders as one.

Find solace in generosity

The Editorial Board January 29, 2021

Sometimes it feels like the whole world comes crashing down at our feet. Days like these are more common now than they were in years prior, it seems. One might think that because of this, we should...

Harry Styles on his solo tour in Denver, Colorado of summer 2018.

Style has no gender

Ava Harris, Guest Writer January 29, 2021

Why are there men’s and women’s sections in clothing stores? Why is blue a boy’s color and pink a girl's color? These are some questions that I think about all of the time.  What makes a man manly?...

A cartoon depiction of Chuck and his volleyball, Wilson, from

The best movies about isolation

Leila Kohn, Senior Staff Writer January 20, 2021

Isolation is something we’ve all become familiar with lately, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. The word isolation is defined as a state of being far away from urban society and civilization, as well...

A silhouette of the Capitol building resting within the outline of the United States' border. The Capitol building was unlawfully entered by rioters on Jan. 6.

We failed

Hunter Keaster, Opinion Editor January 9, 2021

Just months ago, I wrote an article pleading for political civility. Maybe I was naive, but my wish was not granted.  Today, I seek not to demonstrate the symbolism of a riot inside the Capitol, as so...

The newest installment of the Airpods product line, the Airpods Pro, pictured with the charging case in the open position.

The problem with Airpods Pro

Hunter Keaster, Opinion Editor December 11, 2020

Sliding the original Airpods into my ears for the first time was a magical experience. The weightless, effortless feeling while using them made you forget they were there. The battery life? Impeccable....

The Emergency Meeting symbol from the game Among Us flies on a rippling American flag. With election season increasing polarization among Americans, the Editorial Board wished to present an argument for unity.

In America, the imposter “Among Us” is not who you’d think

The Editorial Board December 11, 2020

  And unlike in the beloved mobile game “Among Us,” we’re not talking about a suspicious cartoon character in a spacesuit. In the game, players must discover who is the secret “impostor”...

Home workspace with laptop on a Google Meet call.

Why hybrid learning doesn’t work

Declan Farriday, Guest Writer December 8, 2020

Distance learning isn’t the easiest. Parents who work from home find it difficult to keep their younger children focused; students in school have a tougher time engaging with class and grasping tough...

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