Oliver Carter and Navya Batra explore the pros and cons of Connect Fridays.

EYE 2 EYE: Friday Connect Periods

Oliver Carter and Navya Batra May 24, 2021

Anti Connect Period: Fraud Fridays Why the fifth day of the week is becoming more and more of a joke at OPHS By: Oliver Carter Growing up, I had always expected to listen to Rebecca Black’s “Friday”...

Hayden Brown reviews

And the Oscar goes to… what you were expecting

Hayden Brown, Digital Media Manager May 24, 2021

Grab a bottle of sparkling cider and wear your finest tux or gown. Award season is finally coming to a close, but there is still time to talk about the two heavy hitters at this year’s Oscars. Chloé...

The Editorial Board discusses the uniquely challenging high school experience of the Class of 2021

High Tide

The Editorial Board, Oak Park Talon May 24, 2021

OPHS Class of 2021 — High Tide.Though it was unforeseen, our freshman ASB representatives couldn’t have chosen a more apt name for our graduating class. Similar to how the tide is at the mercy of the...

Together we rise

David Shiang, Guest Writer May 24, 2021

Good morning everyone, David Shiang here. Just wanted to say a few words today. Right now it’ll be the senior breakfast. We will have just finished the graduation rehearsal, and are probably eating some...

Did man ever really walk on the moon?

Jay Dugar, Managing Editor May 7, 2021

Short answer, yes. After all these years, expeditions to space and major scientific discoveries, I can say with absolute certainty that man has walked on the moon. But to me, the real question is: Was...

Stick to bad Twitter jokes

Emily Francis, Editor-in-Chief May 7, 2021

“And live from New York, it's Saturday night!” These are the words I look forward to hearing every (you guessed it) Saturday night. After a few weeks on break, the latest SNL host was announced, and...

“Ski week” in the sunshine capital of the world

The Editorial Board, Oak Park Talon May 7, 2021

Picture this: It's the end of February, we’re almost done with third quarter. Classes have started again in full swing and we’re already overwhelmed. Second semester is notorious for flying by, but...

Cartoon depiction of infamous serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer. Leila Kohn explores the portrayal of serial killers in Hollywood.

The new bad boy: why the romanticization of serial killers must end

Leila Kohn, Senior Staff Writer April 30, 2021

It seems that serial killers are the new protagonists of the silver screen. Why else would our eyes light up when a horror movie is released, and for what other reason would the Motion Picture Academy...

Ava Harris discusses the pink tax, a increase in price for women's products merely due to the fact that they are for women.

Women are worth it

Ava Harris, Senior Staff Writer April 30, 2021

If toilet paper is free in public restrooms, then pads and tampons should be too. I’ve never had to walk into a bathroom and wonder if I’m going to have to pay for toilet paper, why should I worry...

Leaning right in a left-leaning environment

Angie Bleau, Senior Staff Writer April 16, 2021

Politics these days have consumed our lives, whether you are a teenager or an adult. I’m right-leaning living in a left-leaning environment. So as you can probably tell, voicing my opinion on politics...

Michelle Bi explores the world of gender reveal parties.

Gender is not a multiple choice test

Michelle Bi, Guest Writer April 16, 2021

Last Labor Day weekend, a family lit a pyrotechnic device in the fields of Yucaipa, California. Smoke billowed outward, reaching the dry grasses near it, and sparked a flame. It would later turn into the...

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