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First US History Tour

Social Science Department Adds 10-Day History Trip Across The East Coast

December 21, 2017


Emily Francis - The Talon

Form of the US History Tour

A new 10-day U.S. history trip is now available to interested students at Oak Park High School. The trip will take place in July, after summer school is over and is intended for sophomores and juniors, however is open to all grade-level students.

The students will take a tour around the East Coast, particularly to places significant to the U.S. History curriculum such as Boston, New York and Washington D.C. According to special education teacher Kelly Gross, the trip is intended to help with the students’ understanding of American history.

“We were looking at taking a trip to the East Coast to talk about U.S. history and the different sites there. It came about because a lot of students did go on the 8th grade trip to D.C., but when they come back in 11th grade and they’re studying U.S. history they don’t all remember what they saw,” Gross said.

The students will take a journey through American history, and visit various battlefields and the capitol.

“We’ve put together [this tour] based on very specific places that I wanted to take the kids to and places that I think are interesting and that maybe a little bit more off the beaten path, so I think it’s going to be really exciting,” Gross said. “I personally have been to all these sites so I can vouch for going there that it’s not going to be something people are bored with.”

According to Principal Buchanan, it is necessary that staff attend as chaperones. In addition, the hope is that if all goes well, the trip will be available for future years.

“I think based on the first one. If it gets good word of mouth and people felt that it was a good, positive experience I think that will help recruit people for next time,” Buchanan said.

According to Gross, it is a possibility that students from other schools could come due to the after-school timing of the trip. However, they plan on starting it just within Oak Park and seeing how it goes from there.   

“If students read about [the trip] after the deadline, that would be fine. They just need to come see me,” Gross said. “The more the merrier.”

According to junior Sylvie Van Cott, the juniors are excited for a chance to tour the East Coast with their friends.

“I read “The Crucible” this year, and having the chance to go to Salem and learn more of the backstory of the play would be very interesting and beneficial for future juniors,” Van Cott wrote to the Talon. “I’ve always wanted to go to Salem and I missed out on the D.C. trip so I would like another chance to go with my friends.”

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