Cook to temporarily take over AP Macro

Economics teacher Kevin Smith will not be returning for the remainder of the 2015-2016 school year.

According to history and social science department chair Robert Hall, Smith is currently on medical leave and will return in the fall of 2016. Oak Park Independent School teacher DJ Cook will teach AP and CP Economics in Smith’s place spring 2016.

“I am currently teaching for the duration of the year, but I would love to continue with OPHS beyond that,” Cook wrote in an email.

History and economics teacher Tim Chevalier will also continue to teach CP Economics next semester.

Although Cook is currently an OPIS teacher, he has taught numerous classes at Oak Park High School in the past, such as AP U.S. History and Life Skills, and currently teaches zero period economics.

“I am really looking forward to rejoining the excellent faculty at Oak Park High School and taking on the challenge of filling the void left by Mr. Smith’s absence,” Cook wrote.