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Our Mission

The Talon is the student-run newspaper of Oak Park High School. It strives to discuss and bring attention to current events through a student forum and inform the student body in a reliable, relevant and timely manner. The Talon online is the official website for the Talon newspaper and is published by the OPHS journalism program. Due to the switch to digital learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, this website has become the main platform for all OPHS journalism. However, despite the rigid turn of events, our goals stay the same. 

Our Ethics 

At the Talon, reporters hold ethical journalism as their primary commitment. Ethical journalism aims to ensure the free exchange of information that is accurate, fair and thorough. To accomplish this, all writers are responsible for an author accuracy check, in which they check with their sources to ensure veracity. The Talon ombudsman certifies this process and keeps the Talon to an appropriate standard of ethics.

A key component of Talon ethics is the four principles of the Society of Professional Journalists, which staff members must follow in all journalistic pieces. These ideals are listed below:

  • Seek truth and report it 
  • Minimize harm
  • Act independently
  • Be accountable and transparent

To learn more about the Talon’s code of ethics, please click HERE or contact us at [email protected]

Our Club

All OPHS students are welcome to join the club and participate in the publication of the Talon online edition and print edition.

No prior experience or class experience necessary — we’ll teach you everything you need to know in a fun, supportive and exciting environment.

Club meetings are every Wednesday during lunch

We are located at Oak Park High School, 899 North Kanan Road, Oak Park, CA 91377.

For letters to the editor, corrections and to submit story ideas, contact the [email protected].

Join the Talon club to find out more about us, or give us an email.

Visit ourInstagramand Twitter pages at @oakparktalon

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Our Goal

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