We distribute 1,500 print editions throughout Oak Park Unified School District and the surrounding community. Students, staff members, parents, and community members will see your ad.

Advertisements with the Talon are published in black and white in the print newspaper. Prices vary according to size and frequency of ads. Inch measurements are approximate and in width X height.

Sizes:                                                                                        Price Per Edition:

  • Business card (4” X 2.5”)                                              $25
  • 1/8 of a page (5” X 4”)                                                   $50
  • Bottom banner (10” X 2.5” )                                         $75
  • ¼ of a page (5” X 8”)                                                     $90
  • ½ of a page (10” X 8”)                                                   $125
  • 1 full page (10” X 15.5”)                                                $250

We do not accept inserts at this time.

All ads will be gray-scaled before publication, and we reserve the right to re-design ads if they do not fit the above dimensions. If we do re-design, we will send you a copy of the new ad before distribution day for your approval

Pay for all editions in advance and receive one ad for free.


  • Checks only. Make checks payable to Oak Park High School.
  • All ads must be paid in advance of printing. See below for prospective ad deadlines and publication dates. Dates subject to change; if an actual publication date differs from a prospective publication date, we will notify you immediately.

Thursday, Sept. 29 

Ad Deadline: Thursday, Sept. 22

Thursday, Oct. 27

Ad Deadline: Thursday, Oct. 20

Wednesday, Nov. 30

Ad Deadline: Wednesday, Nov. 23

Monday, Dec. 19

Ad Deadline: Monday, Dec. 12

Thursday, Jan. 26

Ad Deadline: Thursday, Jan. 19

Thursday, Feb. 23

Ad Deadline: Thursday, Feb. 16

Thursday, March 30

Ad Deadline: Thursday, March 23

Thursday, April 27

Ad Deadline: Thursday, April 20

Monday, May 22

Ad Deadline: Monday, May 15


Please contact managing editor Nick Burt at [email protected], or advisor Alexis Allison at [email protected] with ads, interest and/or questions.