Drama hosts ‘A Night of One Acts’

Annual 'Spotlight' play led, directed by drama department students


Junior Grace Orriss and senior Kenny Park perform in "A Night of One Acts." In addition to Park, three other seniors took in a school production for the first time (Meghana Mudunuri/Talon).

The drama department performed its annual spotlight play — this year, titled “A Night of One Acts” — from April 21 to April 23.

The production, led and directed by students, featured seven individual acts and a variety of actors and directors.

“I was really impressed with the coordination of the plays and the performance by some amateur actors that I would never expect to be participating in theater related events,” senior Connie Lan said. “Overall, I really like the last play which gave everyone an equal opportunity to showcase their talents and their love for theater.”

Being in the play was a great outlet during the stressful time of college admission, ”

— Jake Davis

Four new seniors joined the play for the first time this year: Jake Davis, Clara Logan, Kenny Park and Lauren Goodman.

“Being in the play was a great outlet during the stressful time of college admission, but it became so much more than that. I feel like I’ve made a new family with the drama department,” Davis said. “It was a great way to round out my last year at Oak Park.”

This time, the production took an unusual approach with its staging and crew. The sets remained classic and simple with intimate audience seating.

“It was easier than other plays like Mary Poppins. The design of the set was simplistic and small, which reflected the plays that were chosen,” senior and crew member Arianna Kenig said.

Instead of the typical single director, “A Night of One Acts” allowed three students to take on the role. Seniors Christine Hill and Kayla Gornstein each directed three short plays while senior Brooke Shapiro directed one longer show.

“At first, the idea of having more than one director was a little intimidating. We weren’t sure how rehearsal space was going to be divided or how we were going to share actors,” Hill said. “However, it was an absolutely phenomenal experience. Each show stood on its own and kept the audience engaged. All emotions and topics were channeled to and through the audience.”
Senior Claire Matulis, who worked as a crew member, said she was “impressed” by the production overall.

“Working on the spotlight production was really fun,” Matulis said. “I’m super proud of all who were a part of it.”