Profile: Alissa Abrams

Student commits to West Point.


Photo Courtesy of yearbook

Junior Alissa Abrams verbally committed to the United States Military Academy Preparatory School at West Point for soccer Dec 18.

Abrams has been playing soccer for 12 years and has played for Eagles Soccer Club in Camarillo for seven years. Abrams, who once wanted to pursue art and design, hopes to pursue military intelligence and to later pursue law enforcement as a second career after she graduates from West Point.

Abrams has enjoyed many successes throughout her soccer career, including earning a place on a gold level team, which led towards an Elite Clubs National League team and then moving to the Development Academy. This persuaded her continue competing at a high level.

Abrams will attend West Point on a full scholarship; she is also being paid while she attends. She will be given money for medical purposes as well as educational purposes and is also guaranteed a job and payment after graduation.

“Go Army beat Navy!” Abrams said.


Did you visit the campus before committing?

I didn’t actually visit the campus. [Adrian Blewitt, the head coach] called me and he [said], “we want you to play for West Point.” I was already pursuing West Point and Navy and I was thinking [that] if I don’t get in for soccer, it’s fine, I just want to go to those schools. So, when he called me and said that he wanted me to play, I was like “Are you kidding me?” I didn’t even tell my mom. I [said] “yes, yes, oh my gosh, yes.” And then I came out of my room and I [said] “Dad, I just committed to West Point, bye.”

When and why did you decide that you wanted to go into the military?

Well, everybody who comes out of the Military Academies are the greatest leaders and I feel like those people should be the ones running the army. I’m super proud of the United States and so I want to give back to it because I’m lucky to live here. I remember freshman year, I wanted to go into art and design and stuff like that and then probably by the middle of sophomore year, I [realized that] the military would be a good option for me. I feel like it would be harder than Oak Park, but at the same time, since Oak Park is so structured and all the classes are hard.

How do you feel about cutting your hair for school?

That was scary at first. But, for West Point, you don’t have to cut your hair. Only at Navy you have to cut your hair. I’m planning on cutting it short so it’s easier to put in a bun, because when it was super long that was really hard. I’m not sure [why there are different rules.] I know for guys at West Point, you still have to cut it, but for girls you can keep it. I’m not complaining though.

What is the curriculum like at West Point?

Obviously they’re going to put you through military tactics and training and classes that are centered around that because you’re at the military academy. Every cadet is supposed to exercise. Basically, we still have P.E. all four years. Even if you’re not a recruited athlete, you’re still required to play in intramural sports. It’s nice because it’s a relatively small class and you’re in an environment where everybody is motivated to do the same thing.

How do you think Jinx [Abrams’s dog] will feel when you’re away at college and when you’re deployed?

I don’t even want to think about it. My heart will literally break. I might keep him at my grandparents’ house because they live kind of close. I high-key would probably [move my dog] to be close to him. Jinx won’t be at the academy, but if I ever, as a plebe, get free weekends, I will be down at my grandparents’ house holding my dog. [My other dog] Parker can stay at home, though.

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