Costumes and candies vs. COVID-19

Reminiscing about last year’s Halloween was usually a leisure pastime, yet it may be the leading manner of celebration this October as COVID-19 has deprived us of trick-or-treating.
A full disclosure of Oak Park’s Halloween 2020
October 23, 2020

It’s that time of year again. The moon rises in painful deliberation, barely hiding behind that shadowed tree. Just faintly, in a distance, a wolf lets out a small cry from its lips. It rings louder...

The effects of distance learning on mental health

In terms of maintaining student mental health while online, OPHS counselors are continuing to make themselves available to students who need them.
Isolation and digital learning impacts students during unprecedented times
October 23, 2020

Between a lack of social and physical connection and all the additional stressors caused by the pandemic, it is no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic is taking a toll on students’ mental health. According...

Academic honesty: Transmitting trust through a screen

GoGaurdian application used to monitor student screens from the perspective of a teacher.
Teachers reshape their class tests and assignments to minimize cheating in distance learning
October 23, 2020

In response to distance learning, teachers have tweaked and refined their assignments and tests to minimize potential cheating. Trust is a core part of teaching any class. Even in person, with a teacher...

Could a COVID-19 vaccine be mandatory?

In California, the state legislature can create a law that requires all citizens who live in the state to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. 
Researchers come closer to a vaccine as few reach the third stage of COVID-19 vaccine trials
October 21, 2020

As researchers come closer to finding the vaccine for COVID-19, there are questions of whether we will need a vaccine to return to normality. According to a recent Gallup poll, only 65% of the population...

Oak Park’s local band, Cheach Billin

Pictured: Jaden Blank on guitar, Logan Postmus on bass, Liam Case on saxophone and Bob Emrich on drums. Members are jamming to their single
Cheach Billin releases EP on streaming services
October 7, 2020

When the time came to interview the members of the band Cheach Billin, each Zoom Meet square was filled by a face of the band. Trumpeter Vir Kolpe, ‘silly saxophone’ Liam Case, previous bassist Ali...

Get outside and stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic

Navya Batra / Talon
Fight boredom with any of these tactics
October 7, 2020

The majority of my quarantine has been spent in my room behind my laptop screen or lying in bed for hours. It wasn’t until a couple weeks ago that I really pushed myself out of my house to actually do...

Discovering the forgotten history of OPHS land

A girl rides a horse on the Agoure ranch in this illustration of the property. The sheep that surround the girl were a staple of the ranch, as Agoure came to prominence thanks to his sheep and cattle herding.
How one teenager would change this place forever
September 25, 2020

If not for the faint murmur of a car’s engine, the sounds of Oak Park would have whisked me into another era entirely. The chirping of crickets trickled into my ears; the fluttering of a duck’s wings...

California wildfires taint the skies

A red sun can be seen from an Oak Park apartment on Sept. 7, 2020.
Recent fires painted the skies with various hues of red and orange
September 25, 2020

Your vision grows hazy as clouds of smoke surround your home. The sky, though normally a soft blue is tainted with hues of red and orange, both combining in an intricate dance around each other. If...

Learning during a pandemic

Science teacher Anastasia Kokiousis teaches her 4th period AP Environmental Science class about Genetically Modified Organisms, via Zoom.
OPUSD goes full distance learning
September 25, 2020

To limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus, all students in the Oak Park Unified School District are partaking in a distance learning model for the first quarter of the 2020-21 school year. This plan...

Remembering Nicholas Mark Fahn

Fahn's Oak Park High School senior yearbook photo, featuring the sixth rule of Isshin-Ryu Karate.
September 25, 2020

Nicholas Mark Fahn, Oak Park High School Class of 2012 alumni, died on August 20, 2020. An athlete, student and coach, Fahn was recognized for his contagious smiles and his compassion, according to his...

Profile: New special education teacher, Alyssa Santos

Profile: New special education teacher, Alyssa Santos
September 25, 2020

Alyssa Santos is Oak Park’s newest special education teacher moving from Las Vegas, Nevada. In a search to find residency closer to her family, she stumbled upon Oak Park.  “I looked around the...

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