OPIS, Oak View, and OPHS students all celebrate prom night together. This year prom was held at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu. The images depict different times and places of the ranch in which various activities were being held, for example, dancing and silent disco. (Photo courtesy of Daisy Calderon/Talon)

Seniors dance the night away with their Cal(amigos)

Daisy Calderon, Graduated Photo Editor May 24, 2021

Roughly two months ago the Associated Student Body-run OPHS and OPHS class of 2021 Instagrams announced that prom would in fact be held this year. The event was held at the North Point Pavilion at Calamigos...

Deep Dive: Getting to know OPUSD’s new Superintendent

Calderon: Hello and welcome to deep dive. My name is Daisy and today our guest is our new superintendent of the Oak Park Unified School District, Dr. Jeff Davis.  Willet: Before you start, may...

Talon Top 5: Mrs. Hankins and her favorite books

Talon Top 5: Mrs. Hankins and her favorite books

[Music fade-in] Calderon: Hello, and thank you for tuning in to Talon Top 5, where teachers introduce you to their “top fives.” This week, Mrs. Hankins lists her top five favorite books of all time.  Hankins:...

Talon Top 5: Mr. Cooks Favorite Movies

Talon Top 5: Mr. Cook’s Favorite Movies

[Music fade-in] Chase Willet: Hello, and welcome to Talon Top Five, where teachers take you through their top fives. This week, Mr. Cook ranks his top five movies of all time.  DJ Cook: Alright, okay....

Mini Documentary: Disney Choir Concert

Mini Documentary: Disney Choir Concert

Hayden Brown and Akhila Johny April 30, 2021