THRIVE educates community on overall student health

THRIVE Mental Health and Wellness day took place on Saturday, Feb. 8 at Oak Park High School. The event had many speakers who discussed topics ranging from the college application process to diet changes; everything encouraged the mental and physical health of students.

The main intent of this day, for the school, was to help inform and educate the community about the importance of mental and physical health, in addition to academic success.

“One of the districts goals is focused on addressing the needs of the whole child, and not just the academic needs,” Principal Kevin Buchanan said. “Mental health and wellness and overall well-being play a part in that.”

The THRIVE event is helping to work toward the district’s goal to better understand the minds of the students.

“It is a goal of the district to focus on these areas and to improve student’s health and wellness and to improve our understanding of how mental health and mental wellness factor into a student’s ability to be successful,” Buchanan said.