New Dual Enrollment courses introduced

Students can register for Intro to Nutritional Science or Intro to Race and Ethnicity at Moorpark College

Amanda Dermott, Online Editor

Sign ups for the Dual Enrollment program through Moorpark College (beginning in the Spring of 2021) begin now. High school students can elect to take Intro to Race and Ethnicity or Intro to Nutritional Science in addition to their high school classes.

Though these courses will not begin until this Spring, Moorpark has already established that their classes will continue virtually throughout both semesters. As such, these Dual Enrollment courses have been set and cemented to a virtual environment.

Junior Emily Rosenthal has chosen to enroll in the Intro to Nutritional Science course, a class based on the relationship between the human body and food. It also covers relevant health issues prevalent today and spotlights nutrients necessary for bodily function, according to the course description in a StudentSquare blast

“I was interested in the class because I wanted to learn more about nutrition and the health benefits of certain types of food,” Rosenthal wrote to the Talon. “I’m taking a dual enrollment course because for the first time in forever, I have more free time, and I wanted to challenge myself with a college course.”

Dual Enrollment provides students with college credits, which may alleviate some stress if they attend a higher level of education at a university.

“Dual Enrollment courses can help students explore a new topic of interest or provide them the experience of a college level course with a professor,” Assistant Principal Natalie Smith wrote to the Talon. “It is also another means of earning college credits while in high school at a very reduced rate … You should take a Dual Enrollment class because you are very interested in the topic and have plenty of time in your day to spend learning more about that topic.”

Intro to Nutritional Science and Intro to Race and Ethnicity are classes offered through the dual enrollment program unique to this upcoming semester. The courses offered through this program change based on each semester. For example, in Spring 2020, Intro to Business and Intro to Criminal Justice were the two courses offered through this program.

Kayla Sadraie, a former OPHS student who recently transferred to Moorpark College, partook in Intro to Business last Spring and offers some advice.

“I highly encourage other students to try dual enrollment. I did not find it too hard to balance Intro to Business with my other classes,” Sadraie wrote to the Talon. “Plus, it is a very easy way to earn credits that look good to colleges. Students should pick a class that they have a genuine interest in.”