AP exam format remains undecided

Oak Park High School uncertain if students will be able to come on to campus to take AP Exams

Students took their Advanced Placement exams online for the first time in the spring of 2020. Moving into spring of 2021, students are unsure of the logistics concerning their AP testing. At this time, the College Board website has a broad outline of this year’s testing format.

If health and safety conditions allow, your school can offer in-person testing—and if not, that’s OK,” the College Board website reads under “AP 2020-21 School Year Support.”

Oak Park High School is unsure if they will be holding AP Exams as the College Board has not yet sent schools any expectations or plans. Most decisions will be based on a variety of criteria, such as the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases. The OPHS staff is unable to give clear answers as to what Oak Park plans on doing at this time.

Once we have that information, we would then integrate it with our safety guidance from Ventura County Public Health to determine whether we could provide in-person testing,” Assistant Principal Natalie Smith said.

A major factor playing into the exams is the progress of the COVID-19 vaccine, which would dictate the schools ability to have in-person contact. While the progress of vaccinations and the rising number of cases in California holds stature in this decision, some students are worried about the idea of testing on campus. 

In-person [testing] would help us avoid technology issues, but I don’t feel comfortable enough with our current situation with the pandemic to take the exams on campus,” junior Shreya Maddhali said.

Other students, however, prefer a completely different approach than Maddhali’s.

“I would prefer to take them on campus because it would limit technology issues and it would motivate me to study more,” junior Nirvani Pathak said.

Despite the current lack of information, however, the College Board is working to create “an expanded exam schedule that considers the range of timelines schools are on, with details to be shared in February,” according to the College Board website.