Parameters for senior yearbook quotes spark discussions

Students and Yearbook Staff Quarrel over Yearbook Quote Requirements

Navya Batra, Digital Media Manager

As the second month of the second semester is coming to an end yearbook season is rapidly approaching. The yearbook team has been sending out reminder emails to seniors to submit their senior quote. 

However, senior quotes  have been a struggle for some on both the yearbook and the students’ sides. 

“There are lyrics to songs and quotes from movies that unfortunately fit under the category of obscenity,” yearbook adviser and English teacher Kathie Leggett said. “We are unable to have any type of foul language, sexual innuendo, anything related to sex, anything related to gangs, drugs, weapons, criminal activity, anything the community might find as obscene.”

Despite believing that they had followed these parameters, some students were surprised that certain quotes were denied. 

“Quotes submitted should be evaluated for the message they contain, not for the words in the song. Furthermore, seniors should be allowed to have fun with their quotes and intertwine humor if they so choose (appropriately) and shouldn’t be forced to stick with a motivational quote if they want to go a comedic route instead,” senior Becky Litvinsky said. 

One quote that got denied was the quote: “Stay Positive. Test Negative.”

“This quote is basically poking fun at the 500,000 deaths [in the United States] due to COVID-19 in the past year and that is not acceptable,” Leggett said. 

The general parameters from the yearbook limit quotes if they are not deemed mature and appropriate. If the quote is Googled, there must be no links to anything that may be classified under obscene. If the quote is seen as inappropriate it will not be approved.

The yearbook committee has also been struggling with attribution for quotes as well as receiving timely responses from students.

“If I could give seniors exactly what they want, I would. I really would. But the rules just make it that I can’t. So I’m trying my best,” Leggett said.