DoSomething Club takes on virtual learning

Club members work to spread positivity in the community


Photo Courtesy of Pia Atal

Students hold up sign promoting their club at a weekly meeting.

Megan McCoy, Senior Staff Writer

Whether it’s on-campus or online, the DoSomething club’s goal is to spread positivity wherever they can. DoSomething club discusses current events in the world and participates in campaigns combating racial injustice. This is the first year of the DoSomething Club, and according to freshman and club president Pia Atal,  they have already accomplished more than expected.

“The first campaign is coping with discrimination campaign. In this campaign, we made a video on how racial inequality is and how people can cope with it. Our plan is to share this video with the entire school to help combat racial inequality,” Atal wrote to the Talon. 

Being a positivity club that aims to spread joy and awareness, they plan to have more than one campaign throughout the school year.

“The second campaign is the positivity page campaign. In this campaign, we asked a lot of students to fill out a form with their favorite positive message and we received about 290 messages! Our plan is to compile all the messages together and share them with the entire school to spread some positivity in these hard times. In the future, we plan on doing more events to continue making an impact,” Atal wrote.

The DoSomething club meets every week and holds discussions about spreading kindness, future campaigns and tries to create a safe space for all members to share some thoughts.

“Meetings are every Tuesdays at lunch and we usually either discuss what topic we will campaign next and decide how we will do it, or we are actually doing the campaign like making a presentation speech or a video about the topic,”  freshman and club treasurer Advait Borhade wrote to the Talon.

The long-term goal of the club is to spread positivity through campaigning and in their weekly discussions. Every meeting they try to motivate teenagers to become more active in their community and become more passionate about current events.

“The goal for this club is to help younger people see what is wrong with the world and try to have them fix it by spreading positivity and letting them embrace their creativity,” freshman and vice president Disha Patel said.