Girl Scouts continue to sell cookies during pandemic


Photo courtesy of Stacey Mays

A fifth grade junior Girl Scouts troop stands behind a bunny rescue sign. The troop volunteered at the event and helped in the process of bunny adoptions. Image take before COVID.

From in-person gatherings to Zoom meetings, the pandemic has impacted local Girl Scout groups. The Girl Scouts have switched to full-time online gatherings and host their meetings using Zoom.

“Connecting as a troop over Zoom isn’t the same. It’s been very challenging to find things to do over a Zoom. It’s been very difficult for the girls, I can see it in their faces over zoom. I try to keep our meetings light-hearted and fun with games, etc,” troop leader Stacey Mays wrote to the Talon. “Thankfully, our council is going to allow us to meet in-person outdoors starting in March. So, I am hopeful we can get back to some of our normal activities.” 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the local Girl Scout community cannot physically interact with each other.

“Covid has greatly impacted our Girl Scout environment. We are used to going places and doing things together. We are used to being hands-on in learning new skills. We are used to helping others such as visits to nursing homes or doing other community services. We are used to seeing each other twice a month as a Troop and planning out our year. Covid has taken so much away from us,” Mays wrote.

Over the past decade, the Girl Scouts have been selling cookies and setting up “cookie stores” in certain locations. Starting in 2019, local Girl Scouts set up a shop on the second floor of The Oaks Mall, located in Thousand Oaks.

“This year’s storefront is a boothing opportunity for Girl Scouts to sell cookies in a popular area, replacing a kiosk that the council has occupied at the mall for several years,” the Central Coast Girl Scouts wrote on their official website.

The scouts worked to come up with some COVID-safe guidelines so the girls can continue to sell their cookies.

If we all follow these guidelines, each person pursues only those activities they feel comfortable with, and we all remain diligent about personal and public safety, our girls will have a fun and successful 2021 Cookie Season!” the CCGS wrote on their webpage.

The Oaks Mall continues to sell girl scout cookies, even through COVID-19. 

“Considering I live right next to The Oaks Mall, I was almost thrilled to find out the cookies were being sold so close to home. It is a family tradition for my family and me to buy a pack of Lemonades and Caramel deLites,” junior Sophie Picard said.

The pandemic has caused many different changes for the local Girl Scout community, like distance learning. However, even through the social distancing, the Girls Scouts were able to put forth their season.

“Even though it’s been a tough year for us all, Girl Scouts still provides so much for young ladies. It’s a program I strongly believe in. Girl Scouts helps girls become great leaders,” Mays wrote.