Mint chocolate chip ice cream deserves better

Why the sudden slander over this ice cream flavor?


Akhila Johny/Talon

Senior Staff Writer Sabrina Thi discusses the debate over mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Now, I know it’s been months, but a while back, Twitter had the “mint chocolate chip ice cream” debate. 

I want to stand by my opinion today and say it’s one of the best ice cream flavors out there. Of course, I like a variety of flavors, but nothing does it better than mint chocolate chip. 

Mint chocolate chip is truly the superior flavor (and I would highlight and bold that if I could). That being said, I understand that some people can’t even consume mint chocolate chip ice cream without getting an upset stomach — a valid reason to not like it —  and it’s totally fine by me. 

For the people who say it tastes like “toothpaste,” you have clearly never had decent mint chocolate chip ice cream before. Seriously, what kind of mint chocolate chip ice cream are you eating? Whatever it is, I can only pray that it is discontinued. However, when it comes to good mint chocolate ice cream brands, Breyer’s and Dreyer’s are the best. Both brands are very creamy, and the mint flavor isn’t strong. 

Now, if I were eating mint ice cream with no chocolate chips, I think there would be a problem with that. Most mint-flavored items don’t sit well with me. I’m not saying that I would eat an entire pint of mint chocolate chip by myself because that’s overkill. My point is, I am saying that it’s a very good flavor and does not deserve the slander it gets —especially for no reason.

Sure, mint chocolate chip may not be the most versatile flavor compared to other flavors like vanilla and chocolate, but I personally believe it’s a rather elegantone. It’s meant to be good on its own, instead of being served with other ice cream flavors. Additionally, the ice cream can make for some extra flavor on other desserts, such as a scoop of mint chip on a brownie. 

I may not have empirically valid reasons on why mint chocolate chip ice cream is a good flavor; I just like the way it tastes. Plus, it played a big part of my life in my childhood because my parents never wanted to let me eat super “sweet” ice cream flavors like chocolate or cookies and cream. At the end of the day, you can like any kind of ice cream flavor (without harming people over ice cream, of course) and it’s totally fine… but I’ll have my mint chip.