Students juggle multiple sports in a condensed season

22 sports moved to the spring season 


Mitchell pitches for Oak Park vs the Cal Cruisers

The regular seasons of many sports were moved to spring by CIF due to COVID-19 regulations. This shift forced athletes who play multiple sports to fit several teams into one schedule.

Coaches are aware that some of their athletes are participating in more than one sport, and in some cases, worked to accommodate or change the practice for athletes. 

“The challenges that I have seen especially with COVID and everything being compressed is the volume of each sport, but we are making it work,” track and field sprints coach Matt Mclaughlin said. 

The athletes have worked to stay in communication with their coaches about their workouts and how they are handling the multiple sports. They are communicating to figure out a schedule that works for the athletes. 

“I’ve talked to both of my coaches to figure out my schedule. Since the soccer schedule this year is already lenient because of COVID-19, it makes it much easier for me to attend both sports practices equally. When I have a track meet the day after soccer practice, I usually take it easier, and vice versa,” junior Emma Rale said. 

Many multiple sport student athletes feel that they are not able to fully commit to each of their sports as they have to miss practices to go to other practices or games, and vice versa.

“I guess some weakness to playing so many sports is not getting to devote and develop like I would if I were playing one. Due to this, I have to practice on my own so I’m not lacking, I have to make up for what I miss,” freshman Savannah Mitchell said. 

Even with these commitment conflicts, one benefit students have found is that being well rounded in one sport can translate to others. 

“All three sports help each other in some way,” Mitchell said.

Some athletes also participate in club teams, adding even more to their commitments.

“I play softball, basketball, and volleyball. I’m on a Bombers travel team for softball. I play on JV and go up to varsity now and then to pitch. I play varsity basketball and frosh volleyball for high school. I play for Lava as my club volleyball team,” Mitchell said.

Juggling sports is difficult for multi-sport athletes, but staying positive helps.

“This year is a very unique one, and sometimes it can be overwhelming to juggle two sports during the same season. But for anyone else doing the same, I would say to make the most out of it and stick to each one if it makes you happy,” Rale said.