La Torra’s journey to collegiate athletics

Lacrosse star heads to Bridgewater State


La Torra waves at the camera during one of her games (Photo via Brooke La Torra and Jim Dryden)

Bridgewater State girl’s lacrosse commit Brooke La Torra has had an affinity for the sport ever since she was in fifth grade. 

“We had coaches from the Oak Park Youth Lacrosse club come out to my school to show us how to play. I instantly fell in love with it and I knew I had to play,” La Torra wrote to the Talon. 

La Torra, who was new to the sport at the time, filled the position of goalie and has continued playing this position for 8 years and counting. 

“Brooke is the ultimate competitor and a real leader for the girls on our team,” junior and lacrosse player Rachel Kang said. 

For La Torra, playing lacrosse in college has always been part of the plan. 

“I really wanted to play in college, since I was in seventh grade. A few girls on the high school team were committed. I wanted to do the same. I started my recurring process sophomore year. I went to tournaments out of state to play in front of college coaches,” La Torra wrote. 

As La Torra began to prepare for college recruitment, the COVID-19 pandemic slowed the process. 

“I felt trapped. Many of my teammates were already committed and I felt stuck. I went to a tournament in Connecticut back in October to give recruiting one last try,” La Torra wrote. 

Despite the difficulties endured during the pandemic, La Torra found her path and has officially committed to Bridgewater State University. Once she stepped on campus, she felt at home, and instantly knew that she wanted to spend the next four years at BSU. 

“I had been in contact with Coach Adams at Bridgewater State University for a few weeks. After the tournament, my dad and I drove from Connecticut to Massachusetts to visit BSU. Coach Adams showed me around the school and it was breathtaking,” La Torra wrote.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, La Torra has remained optimistic for the future.

“Recruiting is a long and tiring process. It’s exhausting. But if you set your mind to it, you’ll make it,” La Torra wrote.