Diving deep into the world of astrology

The history of the subject and why it seems so interesting

Sebastian Garcia
Sebastian Garcia / Talon

Do you know your astrological placements and what they actually mean? Deep dive into some interesting facts about your zodiac sign.

According to Live Science, astrology originated in Babylon with the Babylonians forming their own forms of horoscopes 2,400 years ago. Astrology then spread throughout Egypt and continued to grow each day. Knowing that astrology has gained popularity, a question arises: What seems to be so interesting about astrology, and what exactly is it?

As an astrologer, I interpret the natal charts of my clients to help them understand and accept themselves as they are, recognize their natural gifts and challenges, and equip them with ways to navigate the ups and downs of life,” said Rowan Oliver. Oliver is a professional consulting astrologer based in Seattle, Washington. They have been studying astrology for 10 years and have practiced for three years. 

Let’s start with the basics. There are 12 zodiac signs that are separated into 4 categories: air, water, earth and fire. Although there are many different placements in your birth chart, a person’s ‘big three’ is the most important part. The ‘big three’ would be someone’s sun, moon and rising sign placements. 

Have you ever wondered about your emotions, self-image or subconscious? That would be your moon sign, a.k.a. your “Inner Self.” Your rising sign — the most unique part of your chart — changes every two hours, whereas the sun changes signs every month, and the moon changes signs every 2 days. Your rising sign is also referred to as “ascendant,” and it represents your physical body, personal identity, and life direction. The planet that rules your ascendant is the planet that describes your driving force and most essential nature. 

By understanding your ‘big three,’ you are taking one step closer from moving past surface-level astrology and diving deeper into the other placements that make you who you are. The ‘big three’ placements are the most important part of your chart because they are the most personal to you. 

“I got into astrology when I was in high school to try to understand myself better, and have been hooked ever since,” Oliver said.

Astrology itself has influenced people all over the world. It has connected many people together by comparing their zodiac placements and sharing information about it. Some information about zodiac signs can be displayed falsely where there are false claims made about the signs. With multiple reliable websites like Cafe Astrology, Astro-Charts and Astro-Seek, calculating your birth chart for free, astrology right at your fingertips. 

The biggest myth about astrology is that all people of one sun sign are exactly the same, or that astrology doesn’t work because they’re not. People are born with the placements they’ve got, but their environment shapes them into the people they will become,” Oliver said. 

Zodiac signs are often titled with traits such as the following: luck, fate, karma, etc. The thing that affects one’s fate is themselves, their conscious choices. Their zodiac sign does not control who they are or what they do. A common misconception is that your specific zodiac sign will control your future because of the traits that they were assigned with, but you are the one that has control. 

“It’s okay not to resonate with one of your placements or interpretations of it. Learn what it means for you,” Oliver said. 

Although astrology is a common topic, whether you practice it, read about it, or write about it — it is a complex subject with many little details. Knowing your ‘big three’ is just the start of your astrological journey. There are so many details about astrology to cover in one article, but one of the main goals is to understand who you are, why you are and who you were meant to be. Astrology is what you make of it, whether it be good or bad. 

“I use astrology as a tool for self-empowerment and self-acceptance. You may be surprised how much you can learn about yourself and your natural talents using astrology,” Oliver said.