Hollywood lights bring out the high end fashion

Oak Park’s Homecoming dance takes on ‘A night in Hollywood’

After an eventful spirit week, the Homecoming dance took place on Saturday, Sep. 25. Themed “A Night in Hollywood,” the dance featured a red carpet designed with Old Hollywood movie posters, hanging chandeliers, and Halloween-themed decorations inside The Cage basketball courts. 

The fashion at the Homecoming dance exhibited a diversity of colors and styles. From satin and prints to bodycon and mesh overlays, there were a variety of styles worn. Dresses long and short, ruffled and draped, were shown off as well as bowties, velvet blazers, and classic collared shirts. Vibrant colors replaced the timeless and go-to black look, and white vans lost their gleam by the end of the night. 

“If an outfit has any amount of effort, the outfit will always turn out good,” senior Ava Azarpay said. 

The first Homecoming since the pandemic was held outdoors and was mask-optional for all students. Complete with two photo booths, several stations for food and a DJ inside The Cage, the setting itself both fit the  theme and adapted to circumstances suiting the pandemic. 

“It was kind of weird being back at a school dance after two years, but a good kind of weird,” junior Hailie Stevens said. “Like we’re finally coming close to normal again.”

Students repeatedly commented on the substantial change of pace, now emerging from a pandemic-dominated world.

“It was unusual being around all these people, but our school energy was showing again after a while,” senior Piper Dobson said. “It was so weird to be in what was such a normal environment now, but with a completely different mindset.”