Profile: New counselor, Caity Katz

Katz: ‘I want [students] to feel like my office is their home base’


Benti Kaur and Ravali Vallurupalli

Caity Katz began her new counseling position shortly after returning to California, prior to which she had been living in Vermont during the COVID-19 pandemic. She came back to Ventura County as she had grown up and went to school in Agoura, and felt comfortable in the area.

Part of the reason Katz became a counselor was because of her own experiences in high school. When she was in Agoura High School, Katz often visited her counselor for support with classes and graduation. 

“I didn’t feel like [I] fit in … I had a really tough time,” said Katz, about her own experience as a high school student. “I felt like that impact that that school counselor had on me is something that I would love to do for high school students to help them get across the finish line.”

Katz is the mother of her own 4-year-old child, a connection that helps her in her everyday work life. She approaches her job in a similar way to how she approaches parenting.

“Whenever I’m meeting with one of my students, I want them to feel comfortable in my office to talk about whatever brought them in in the first place,” Katz said. 

During her short period of time working at Oak Park High School, Katz has expressed one of her favorite on campus moments was the Homecoming Rally.

“It was awesome seeing students in their element, having fun, and showing school spirit. After a year and a half of COVID[-19], it was so refreshing and exciting to see how happy students were during [the rally].”

Katz has felt that her short time on campus has felt incredibly welcoming, and shares her overall thoughts on the beginning of her OPHS experiences.

“Everyone has been incredibly welcoming on campus: students, teachers, everybody that I have interacted with. At no point have I felt like someone who is brand new. It feels like I have been here for a long time and that’s just a testament to how welcoming the campus is,” Katz said.