Profile: New counselor, Andrea Lanter


Angie Bleau and Abi Chadwick

This school year, Andrea Lanter has joined the Oak Park High School staff as a counselor for students in grades 10-12 with the last names Df-Ld. She has been a student counselor in many school districts  and colleges such as Las Virgenes Unified School District, Cal State Pomona, Pierce College and University of California, Los Angeles. 

Lanter graduated from Monte Vista High School in a neighborhood school district where students were high achievers. Coming into this job, she expected to see her students involved in school activities and caring for their peers as well as excelling in classes. 

“As a school counselor, we are data-driven — we look at not just achievement but attendance and student satisfaction,” Lanter said. “And as a new staff member, I really hope to support students in developing positive coping skills when experiencing stress.”

Lanter began her counseling career in LVUSD. Once COVID-19 hit, she was in search of a new job and was referred by a colleague over to OPHS. Now, she is happy to be able to collaborate with OPHS administration and staff, as well as community members and students. 

“I really wanted to work for Oak Park [USD], and I am happy to be here,” Lanter said.  “I enjoy seeing my students every day and I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with all of the school staff, teachers and coaches.”

Lanter’s goal for her students is to help them develop as best as they can and set them up for success in their future education and careers. One thing OPHS offers that she loves is the emphasis on compassionate global citizenship. 

“I really appreciate the district’s mission of encouraging students to develop into Compassionate and Creative Global Citizens, as I think those are great character values,” said Lanter. “Self-compassion is really important when experiencing hardship, so I always try to remind my students to treat themselves like a good friend.”