Profile: New science teacher, Ashley Michelin

Michelin: ‘Interacting with my students … is the best part of each day.’


Ashley Michelin lectures her class on biology.

Megan McCoy and Bing Heine-Van Fossen

Ashley Michelin is a new science teacher on campus who teaches foundations of science as well as CP Biology. These classes mainly consist of freshmen, as well as sophomores. A teacher of six years, most of Michelin’s time was spent in New Jersey as well as locally at Westlake. 

“Working with high schoolers, in particular, I enjoy, because they’re fun and witty and you can engage in deep conversations with them. I love my student’s perspectives on the world and it just is the bright spot to each of my days,” Michelin said. “I also love how teaching is never boring, there is always something changing, it’s definitely exciting.”

Michelin loves the different perspectives of each of her students and what they bring to the table as individuals. She makes sure to address constant changes by making sure that students as well as parents know they can always send an email.

Michelin studied Biology as an undergraduate degree, but originally didn’t plan on becoming a teacher. 

“When I first graduated college, I actually spent time working as a technical writer for an avionics engineering company, and it’s not that I lost my passion for biology, it’s just that while in college I had developed a skill for scientific and technical writing,” Michelin said. “I wanted to pursue that pathway, but the longer I did that, the more that I realized that sitting at a desk 9-to-5 … was not really how I envisioned my career.”

Michelin’s passion for biology became a passion for teaching when she realized that she loved to instruct others how to perform and complete tasks. 

“Ashley is a NGSS leader, a creative collaborator, empathetic to student needs and a wonderful addition to the Science Department at OPHS working diligently to increase science literacy,”  Science Department Chair Winnie Sloan

“I am really enjoying Oak Park so far,” Michelin said. “This is a really special community. The students here are amazing. The staff here has been so supportive, and it just feels like a really great place to be, so I’m very happy being here.”