Unused shoes needed for sports fundraising

Athletic Booster Club shoe drive for those in need


Shoe boxes placed outside Box Office

Have unused shoes taking up storage space in your closet? At no extra cost and with no need to buy or sell, students are encouraged to get their friends, family and neighbors to help. The Athletic Booster Club has placed donation boxes outside the Pavilion and main office as part of a shoe drive operating through now until Dec. 17. They will also be reaching out to the elementary and middle schools for participation.

According to a ParentSquare post, students are recommended to donate “slightly worn, used (no holes), cleats or new shoes to help raise money for the Athletic Department.”

The Athletic Booster Club is a charitable organization that raises money to cover sports costs. With this drive, Oak Park families have the opportunity to fund the athletic program and give donated shoes to the underprivileged.

“The shoe fundraiser helps support individuals and families living in developing nations worldwide. The shoes get repurposed which gives the shoes a longer life and becomes inventory for micro-enterprises,” fundraising chair Marina Waisberg wrote to the Talon.

The goal of the drive is to hit 100 to 300 bags worth of donations with each bag holding 25 pairs of shoes — a total of around 2,500 to 7,500 pairs. Fundraising will result in $1,000 raised for 100 bags donated or $3,000 for 300 bags. All proceeds go towards paying for the needs of Oak Park High School sports.

“It supports the athletic and personal achievement in all student athletes and also provides supplementary financial support to all teams,” Waisberg said.