Limited number of parking spots available for sophomores

Spots sold to generate income for ASB


Allie Wang

OPHS parking lot with designated spaces for students

Starting on Oct. 20, a limited number of parking spots have opened up to any sophomores who have their driver’s licenses.

“The idea came to me because there were two 10th-grade students that had inquired about opening up, as they have older siblings and it had been opened up in the past. Being new to the ASB Bookkeeping position I thought I would throw it out to ASB,” ASB bookkeeper Loretta Brown wrote to the Talon.

ASB also contributed to the decision to implement Brown’s idea.

“We had a bunch of parking spots still open and we decided to open it up,” ASB president Amaan Nabeel wrote to the Talon.

ASB didn’t want to have sophomore parking spots completely open due to priority for juniors, whose appointments with the DMV to obtain driver’s licenses may have been delayed because of COVID-19 protocols.

“ASB wanted to make sure that the junior class had plenty of spots later in the school year once they got their permits. We reexamined the proposal and decided to limit the number of 20 spots to our Sophomores reassuring that there were still spots available for the Junior class,” Brown wrote.

Even though there are a limited number of spots for sophomores, school parking lot passes are currently open to all juniors and seniors for $150.

“Juniors and seniors can purchase school parking lot passes from the Student Store window,” Nabeel wrote.

As of Oct. 29, 13 spots are still available for sophomores.