Pumpkin-spiced, is everything nice?

Now that it’s Fall you can purchase many different Pumpkin Spice Items, not just lattes


Porter Nicoll

Bing Heine-Van Fossen, Guest Writer

It’s that time of the year again folks! In this day and age who has not heard of the famous pumpkin spice latte? However as the desire for pumpkin spice has grown, there has been more than just coffee houses jumping on the trend. There are plenty of other companies now starting to create their own pumpkin spice items for market, which raises the question, how far is too far?

For example, Bath And Body Works is now selling a WallflowerFragrance (An item that heats a liquid to make your house smell a desired scent) that is scented like pumpkin spice, to keep your house festive all season long. Now of course, the creation of a scented candle will happen for any new trend. Well, as one would assume you can also now find one for pumpkin spice at virtually any store.

Not to mention, the flavor has caused a trend to more than just food and fragrance items. According to CNN there are now pumpkin spice themed mugs, phone cases. There are even tote bags which cost almost $25. Another item that you can purchase as of 2019 is pumpkin spice SPAM. It’s pork, but it tastes like fall. 

If that is not enough for you and your family, the dogs can join in too. Greenies has developed a pumpkin spice dog treat. Pumpkin spice truly is fun for the whole family!

All of this craze for pumpkin spice, and it’s all a lie. Pumpkin spice actually contains no pumpkin what-so-ever, it’s all just spice! Pumpkin spice is, interestingly enough, just a mix of five common spices. These spices include: cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger and allspice. In reality, what does it matter after all if people enjoy it, to each their own. 

It’s not just pumpkin spice anymore, Starbucks has a drink out this season that features “pumpkin cream,” that goes on a cold brew coffee with a light dusting of pumpkin spice. To add to their Fall offering, Starbucks also has an apple cinnamon drink this year. Pumpkin spice is not the only trend anymore, all the fall flavors are back and ready to dance on your tastebuds or be carried out in a themed tote bag.