Freshmen should have the option for AP classes

Advanced Placement is the new College Prep

Students should have the option and opportunity to take an AP course in 9th grade.  By offering AP classes to 9th grade students, it can allow them to challenge themselves at subjects they are already strong in. 

One might argue this and say that freshman year is already difficult enough with students making the transition from middle school to high school. On top of that, an added AP course would add stress with it being expected that they will succeed in their AP course.

However, it is all about time management. Sure, some students may struggle with the transition between middle school and high school, however, students who use their time wisely should have no problem at all. 

If a student manages their other classes and the transition between the schools smoothly, they should be able to benefit by adding an AP class to their schedule. It feels almost penalizing to the freshmen students who have everything under control to not be able to take an AP class in 9th grade.

9th grader Tara Ezarhi says it would be beneficial for freshmen to have the opportunity to take AP courses.  “I would take AP classes if they were offered in my freshman year,” Freshman Tara Ezhari wrote to Talon. “I think freshmen should have the opportunity to take AP classes because it can help prepare them for more difficult classes they will take in the years to come. It will also allow them to see if they like the format  and pace of the AP classes. This will help them decide whether they want to take more or less AP classes.” 

Offering AP classes to freshmen can make their college resume impressive by showing that they not only succeeded in CP classes, but they did very well in advanced classes. This shows a student’s will to challenge themselves at a young age, which can stand out on college applications.  

On the other side, someone might disagree by saying that since not everyone will be  able to succeed in their AP class during freshman year, it will cause more harm than good. This suggests that the majority of freshmen who take an AP class will struggle and not benefit from it.  

This is an unfair claim to make, as there’s absolutely no evidence to support it. Taking into account the ‘can’t know until we try’ policy, there is no reason to digress on the idea that freshmen are not ready to take AP classes.

In addition, local high schools in Agoura High School and Westlake High School offer freshmen the opportunity to take AP courses, and there is no reason OPHS shouldn’t do the same. For example, Agoura High School offers 9th graders to take AP Human Geography as well as multiple Honor Placement courses. 

Despite the negative arguments, freshmen can benefit from AP classes.  By offering AP classes to freshmen students, it can not only strengthen themselves in subjects they are already good at, but it can make them manage their time better in order to succeed in an advanced class.