So what’s the deal with the vaccine requirements?

A breakdown of the vaccination status plan


On Oct. 1, 2021, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced a phased approach requiring students from grades K-12 to submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination to their schools. This plan will go into effect for all California public, private and charter schools when the COVID-19 Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine receives full FDA approval for all ages and July 1 for upper grades where the vaccine has already been FDA approved. 

In a November StudentSquare post, Oak Park Unified School District clarified its plan in a detailed summary. 

“The COVID-19 vaccine will be treated similarly to the 10 vaccines on the list already required for students attending public, charter, and private K-12 schools in CA,” the StudentSquare post stated. 

As of right now, proof of vaccination is being requested, not required, for OPHS students. Pfizer’s vaccine is the only one fully approved by the FDA for individuals 16 and up. 

Pertaining to Newsom’s mandate, COVID-19 vaccination proof will eventually be required for all students in California just as they would be required to send proof of vaccination for measles, mumps, and rubella. Proof of vaccination status for COVID-19 will be a regular part of the documents needed to attend school starting July 1, 2022 for grades 7-12.

“Vaccines work,” Newsom said at a school in San Francisco on Oct. 1. “It’s why California leads the country in preventing school closures and has the lowest case rates. We encourage other states to follow our lead to keep our kids safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Vaccine documentation will be sent to the COVID Safety Team and the health staff in the front office. 

More information on Newsom’s mandate can be found on the California Government website.