Podcast: Pre-Prom Checklist

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Haley: Hi this is Haley Bandemer

Hannah: And this is Hannah Levy

Haley: And welcome back to the fashion podcast

Hannah: Today we are going to be talking about the logistics and stress leading up to prom 

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Hannah: So prom seems like a big night of fun, right? You have on an outfit, you may or may not have a date, dancing and having a good time. This year’s prom is on Saturday, May 21 at the W Hotel in Los Angeles. But, there is a lot of things that students should have on a mental checklist. 

Haley: There are so many things like… transportation, your potential date, getting ready, your outfit, there are so many things that go along with going to prom, not just buying your ticket and heading out the door. 

Hannah: Right! For example, let’s say you are stressing out about finding your outfit, and then you finally found something that you feel good in. But you have to get it altered. Are you dropping it off the tailor? Are you picking it up? That’s the first thing to worry about.

Haley: The next thing I think is if you’re even going to take pictures with people if you have a date, if you have a group if you’re doing some on your own, and then how are you going to get from your place to your destination?

Hannah: Right? Are you taking pictures with the whole grade at a nearby park? Are you doing it in someone’s backyard just with your date? And then after you take your pictures? Are you getting a bus or a limo? Or are your parents taking you to the W Hotel? There’s a lot of things that ASB doesn’t cover that as someone who’s wishing to participate in prom you have to figure out for yourself beforehand, because so many local problems are happening on the same day that if you don’t act soon, a lot of the transportation methods will probably be booked

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Haley: The next thing I think we should talk about is dates. There’s if you’re going with a date, if you’re going solo, if you’re going with a group. And if you are going with a date, how are you going to ask them? How far in advance Are you going to ask them? Are you guys going to color coordinate? Are you going to do something totally different? Are you going to get a booth near? Are you going to get a corsage? And how far in advance do you have to order these things? To carry out the perfect prom date?


Hannah: One thing that I know is on many seniors minds is not just prom itself. But what’s going on after there’s a long standing tradition of going to some kind of after party or having a sleepover or something and the night and I’ve heard rumors that some people want to get a hotel room at the W itself. Other people are looking into Airbnb ease. Some people might just go back to their house with friends. Relying on just your friend group to figure out all the logistics of prom can be really stressful. As we’re all still taking classes. Some of us have jobs, and we urge everyone listening to help each other out and try and make bookings in advance. Do everything beforehand so you don’t find yourself stressed and in a state of chaos, the actual weekend of prom.

Haley: So here’s to getting things done early and I hope this podcast can help you gather all the tools you need to carry out the perfect prom plan. Thank you for listening 

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