OPUSD goes through first week of non-mandated mask wearing

What are the students’ thoughts?


Flyers advocating the message that wearing or not wearing a mask is an option are posted on classroom doors throughout the OPHS campus. (Photo courtesy of Mina Jung)

On the morning of Feb. 28, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that voluntary indoor masking for students at K-12 schools in California would come into effect on March 14. March 14 was last Monday, meaning that it was the first day in over two years that Oak Park Unified School District has had voluntary mask wearing. 

This change is monumental for Ventura County, so it is only natural that Oak Park High School students have mixed feelings about this change. 

“Going back to school with no mask has been kind of refreshing, seeing my friends and teachers faces again feels like we are taking a step in the right direction and I’m excited for what the future holds,” senior Dylan Hardy said. 

Some students feel that the mask policy change marks the beginning of another normalcy.

“School without mandatory masking definitely feels odd. I think we’ve all just grown very used to having to wear them so it now being voluntary feels sudden,” senior Noah Teichner said. 

Other students state that having the option to not wear a mask lifts the inconveniences of wearing one.

“As a student with glasses, school without a mask has been fantastic. My lenses no longer fog up during class allowing me to be more productive in class,” senior Josh Rabinovitz said. “A school without masks has allowed me to be focused in class.” 

Regardless of how students and staff feel, voluntary masking seems to be the new norm for OPUSD schools moving forward. For COVID-19 Resources for OPUSD, visit here.